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Grooved Rods Performance Study:
Metering Rod Trial

CHALLENGE: The purpose of the trial was to test Buschman�s custom designed rod
performance against a competitor�s rod, referred to as �Competitor B� in this document.

Success was pre-defined to include three objectives:

  1. Save coating consumption
  2. Apply a smoother, more uniform coating coverage
    and keep a minimum of 76 Bright White
  3. Increase rod life.

RESULT: Buschman rods achieved all three objectives with outstanding results.

Key Application Parameters:

  1. Application Parameters were as follows: Base Paper was 69 lb/MSF, and was very rough and grainy. Solids were 65%. Viscosity unknown, but nothing unusual. White clay coating included TiO2 & Calcium Carbonate (highly abrasive). Coating also included poly binders. Web speed was 300-350 FPM.
  2. After analyzing the coating application parameters, Buschman custom engineered a metering rod with special threads to optimize uniformity and coating coverage.
  3. The Buschman No. 6 rods were compared to “Competitor B” No. 8 rods.
  4. Typically “Competitor B” No. 8 rods last three (3) rolls before losing brightness & creating a blotchy mottled effect, and then the rods are thrown away.
  5. Customer uses approximately 1.5 million pounds of white clay coating/year @ a cost of approximately $0.55/pound.
  6. The Buschman No. 6 rod consumed 5 lbs/MSF, and the “Competitor B” No. 8 rod consumes 6.6 lbs/MSF on average. The Buschman No. 6 saved the customer 24.3% of their coating. That’s a potential savings of approximately $200.5K/year for bright white coating alone. They use many other colors as well.
  7. The Buschman No. 6 ran for 5 rolls, which resulted in a 66.7% increase in rod life.
    1. Roll 1:81 Brightness, with Excellent Opacity
    2. Roll 2:79.8 Brightness, with Very Good Opacity
    3. Roll 3:79.2 Brightness, with Very Good Opacity
    4. Roll 4:78.2 Brightness, with Very Good Opacity Roll 5:79.8 Brightness, with
      Acceptable Opacity.Delta (DE) color reading was 1.12, which is very good.

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