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Grooved Metering Rods

Q. What is a grooved metering rod?

A grooved metering rod is a stainless steel rod that is rolled through a set of dies to form a thread into the rod surface. These rods are used in paper mills and converting mills to coat starches, pigments, adhesives and other coatings onto paper, films, foils, cardboard and a variety of other web surfaces. Threads can be created to conform to many profiles. These profiles can be customized to optimize the coating process, thus allowing for more precise and cost effective metering than that of wire-wound rods. These rods are usually chrome plated to extend working life.

grooved metering rod

Q. How are grooved metering rods sized and/or labeled?

Grooved rods are sized by their equivalent wire size. The equivalency between grooved rods and wire-wrapped rods is found when the total area of openings on rods of the same length is equal.

Chard Should I switch from wire-wound rods to grooved rods?

Q. Should I switch from wire-wound rods to grooved rods?

The thread profile on a metering rod can significantly affect the quality of the final coat as well as the runability and cost of the coating operation. Depending on the requirements of your application, it may be better to make the switch. Wire-wound rods only offer one thread profile whereas grooved rods can be made in an infinite number of thread profiles--including those that match the profile shape of wire-wound rods, but without the problems associated with the pinch area between the wires. To find out if switching to grooved rods is right for your application, contact us. We will be happy to work with you to determine the right metering rod for your particular application.

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