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Durathane Performance Study´┐Ż
Hot Cast Polyurethane Rod Holders

CHALLENGE: The purpose of the trial was to run Buschman Durathane HS-Hot Cast Polyurethane Rod Holders on a Rod Metering Size Press. The customer used Light Weight Coating (LWC) on to fine papers. Customer was having a problem with excessive coating build up on the upper lip edge of the holder. Buschman custom engineered a new holder profile so as to rotate the axis of the cradle to pull the upper lip away from the backing roll. Success was achieved with surprising results.

RESULT: Buschman Durathane HS-Hot Cast Polyurethane Rod Holders achieved good performance for 6 weeks (50% increase in holder life), plus the lip edge stayed clean in operation allowing the coating to run for 6 weeks, uninterrupted by streaking that was common previously.

Key Application Parameters:

  1. Magazine & other specialty grades of paper from LWC, which is mostly white clay.
  2. Rod holder life is typically around 4 weeks.
  3. Purchase holders from the OEM.
  4. Holders used in both the top & bottom position
  5. Machine Speed 1310 Meters per minute
  6. Rod Load Pressure 20-35 PSI
  7. Rod speed is 75 RPM
  8. Backing roll hardness 45 P&J Polyurethane
  9. Percent of solids: 58-61 %
  10. Dry Coat Weight 13-15 g/m2
  11. Basis Weight:30-50 g/m2

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