Rod Holders
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Buschman Rod Holders and Metering
Rods Fit Like They Were Made for Each
Other-�Because They Are!

Whatever your application, whatever type of machines you�re running, Buschman
has a rod holder for you. Our proprietary manufacturing and machining processes
render the longest lasting, best fitting holders in the industry.

Choose the Buschman rod holders that best apply
to your application:

  • Durathane� hot cast polyurethane
  • Durathane HS: When you need a high degree of hydrolytic stability.
  • Durathane HS-AF: When you need hydrolytic stability and low friction.
  • Dura-Lene™ machined polyethylene
  • Dura-Lene AF: When you need a holder with anti-friction properties.
  • Dura-Lene AS: When you need a holder with anti-static properties.

Durathane� Hot Cast
Polyurethane (PU)
Dura-Lene� Polyethylene (PE)
Available in lengths up to 11.58 meters (456�) Available in lengths up to 11.58 meters (456�)
Manufactured in molds for consistent fit along the entire length of the rod holder. Machined from specialty materials.
Ultra high grade polyurethane increases holder life up to 50%. Polyethylene combined with Buschman’s proprietary mineral lubricant for long life, without high cost.
Lip edges seal the threads from excessive leakage. Lips can scrape smooth rods and keep clean during operation.
Material is softer than PE and minimizes vibration. Material is rigid and offers lower coefficient of friction over traditional PU material.
New Anti-friction PU offers exceptional wear characteristics over traditional PU and PE. New Anti-friction material reduces friction by 30% over traditional PE.
Hydrolytically stable, resists microbial attack. New Ant-Static material is suitable for most low flash solvents.

Buschman rod holders and metering rods are available for the
following manufacturers’ machinery: METSO (Valmet), Voith, Jagenberg, BMB,
Beloit, Black Clawson, Michelman and Kohler. Top of page