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The Buschman Story

Buschman Corporation was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of wire-wound rods used in coating applications. Our reputation for producing quality rods led to rapid growth and the development of new processes for the manufacture of grooved and smoothing rods. �These processes enabled us to produce grooved rods with threads customized to specific industry needs. �As we have fine-tuned our manufacturing capabilities, our ability to create custom rod designs has grown to the point where we can now offer rods customized to specific machines and applications. In keeping with our aim of tailoring solutions to individual customers, we also offer rod holders and a variety of value-added services.

Buschman's manufacturing facility is housed in a state-of-the-art plant located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. We utilize a unique in-house production process that governs all stages of manufacturing. Our associates are cross-trained in most aspects of our manufacturing methods. This highly capable work force is organized into self-directed teams who are not only empowered to instigate change but who are also responsible for many of the improvements that have made us so successful. Their abilities ensure that we produce superior rods that help our customers achieve their primary goals while also enjoying longer rod life and lower costs.

Because we control all stages of manufacturing, we maintain a quality process consistent with ISO 9001; we produce the finest quality rods for metering, coating and sizing applications; and we offer fast, dependable delivery to customers around the world. As a result of our company's single-minded focus on quality and product innovation, we are now the supplier of choice for many of the world's largest paper mills and converters.