Laboratory Drawdown Metering Rods
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Buschman's Grooved Metering Rod Kit
Is Available for Immediate Release!

Buschman grooved metering rods are roll-formed using the finest stainless steel. The new five piece kit provides a complete set of rods in the most popular configurations for quick use in the laboratory.

All rods are 0.375in. by 16 in.

5 pc Kit Includes:

  • HS 05
  • HS 10
  • HS 15
  • HS 20
  • HS 25

Our proprietary manufacturing process renders a superior rod that performs to perfection.

  • Consistent coating coverage. Buschman�s technology reduces rod lines,
    streaks and defects, and in some cases decreases coating consumption.
  • Longer rod life. Manufactured from stainless steel cores with hard chrome coating -
    Buschman grooved rods last longer.
  • 100% input and output inspections ensure quality and consistency, rod after rod.
  • Service you can count on -24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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