Grooved  Metering Rods
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Buschman's Grooved Metering
Rods Last Longer And Coat More Consistently!

Buschman Dura-Flow grooved metering rods are roll-formed using the finest stainless steel, with custom engineered thread profiles to best suit your machine and coating application, even high percentage of solids coatings. Our proprietary manufacturing process, Dura-Flow technology, renders a superior rod that performs to perfection. But don�t take our word for it, read the performance study that proves Dura-Flow superiority.

Why Buschman Dura-Flow rods?

  • Custom engineered thread profiles. Tailored to fit your specific application.
    Over 25 different thread profiles and growing!
  • Consistent coating coverage. Buschman�s Dura-Flow technology reduces rod lines,
    streaks and defects, and in some cases decreases coating consumption.
  • Longer rod life. Manufactured from stainless steel cores with hard chrome coating�
    Buschman Dura-Flow grooved rods last longer.
  • 100% input and output inspections ensure quality and consistency, rod after rod.
  • Service you can count on �24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Dura-Flow Rod Applications Dura-Flow Rod Specifications
Sizer/Starch Presses Material: Stainless steel
Corrugated Coating Presses Diameter: 6.35 mm – 38 mm (0.25-1.5in)
Adhesives for labels, tapes & decals Lengths: Up to 11 meters (456”).  For longer lengths, contact Buschman at 1•216•431•6633
Glues and clays for papers, films & foils Thread Size: Custom engineered for
customer application. 
Pre-coat, base coat & top coat Thread Shape: Custom engineered for
customer application. 
Hot stamp foils & wax Coating:  Hard chrome 0.00762 mm – 0.0508 mm (0.0003 – 0.0020in)
Other specialty & custom coating applications Special ends: All special end configurations available.

How to order Dura-Flow metering rods for your application

It�s easy to put Buschman�s Dura-Flow technology to work in your plant.

  1. Fill out the downloadable Custom thread profile questionnaire,
    and fax it to us at 1-1•216•431•5037.
  2. Our engineering team will review the completed form and contact you
    to confirm your applications and specifications.
  3. Buschman will send you a quote.

Want to learn more about how rod profile design affects performance?
Contact us at 1•216•431•6633. Top of page