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Buschman hot cast polyurethane
comes in lengths up to 11.58 meters (456�)!

Buschman Corporation now offers hot cast polyurethane, custom-designed for your application, in lengths up to 11.58 meters (456�). Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, textured surfaces, and multiple hardness and impact resistance levels, Buschman�s hot cast polyurethane is manufactured with precision, consistency and quality, from end to end. And, Buschman specializes in bonding polyurethane to a variety of substrates, especially metals.

Call Ross or Wes at 1•216•431•6633 to discuss your custom engineered application. We will work with you to design and produce hot cast polyurethane parts to fit your application, in specialty lengths up to 11.58 meters (456�) that will save you money in the long run.

Customized. In-house custom-engineering of molds and parts using AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Abrasion resistant. Superior to rubber, plastics, and metals in many wear applications.
Consistent. Precise heat control at all stages of processing maintains material stability and physical properties of finished parts. Tear Resistant. Tear strength for polyurethanes if far superior to rubbers.
Accurate. Highly accurate gear-pump metering of raw materials. Available in a wide variety of colors. Can be pigmented in a variety of colors, including transparents.
Colorful. 3-component machine with 3 color streams and 1 additive stream. Cast into molds, not compression molded. Consistent quality achieved, with minimal post cast machining required.
Flexible. Durometer range from 40 Shore A to 83 Shore D. Lower cost to manufacture. Lower materials costs and repeated use of molds ensure lower costs to manufacture.
Bonded. Expert bonding to a variety of substrates and metals. Compression memory. When stretched or compressed, polyurethane returns to its original shape.
Advanced. Partnered with world-class polymer science laboratory for continuous innovation and improvement. Weather & chemical resistant. Impervious to ozone, sunlight, oxygen and weather conditions; resist s breakdowns from exposure to oil, grease, gasoline, and solvents.
Responsive. Manual processing available for specialty, low-volume, and prototype parts. Longer life. Abrasion and tear resistance, and load-bearing capabilities lead to longer life versus rubber.

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