Smooth Metering Rods
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smooth rod

Buschman Smoothing Rods Keep
You Running�Longer.

Buschman smoothing rods come in two varieties: Duramic� heat resistant, hard ceramic
coated; and even harder Dura-Life� triple chrome coated. Whatever your application,
Buschman smoothing rods deliver smooth coating coverage, consistent performance,
and long life�to reduce costs and optimize efficiency.

  • Available in Single, Double & Triple chrome plating; increases rod life
    up to 250%
  • Dura-Life chrome plating eliminates macro cracks & increases density.
  • Available in lengths up to 11 meters (432in)
  • Heat resistant ceramic minimizes wear
  • Lowest friction available leads to
    longest rod life
  • Good for multiple web width applications.
  • Available in lengths to 9.6 meters (378in)
Smoothing Rod Applications Smoothing Rod Specifications
Clay & color coating Material: Stainless steel
Coating paperboard & linerboard Diameter: 6.35 mm – 38 mm (1/4” – 1.5”)
Dual rod press as smoothing applicator to remove rod lines Lengths: Up to 12 meters (480”)
Light Weight Coatings (LWC) on to fine papers Coating: Hard Chrome plating, Rockwell C 68-73; thicknesses to 0.075mm (0.003in.) Ceramic coating thicknesses to 0.25mm (0.010in)
Specialty & custom coating applications Special ends: All special ends configurations available.

How to order Buschman Smoothing Rods for your application

It�s easy to put Buschman�s Smoothing Rods to work in your plant.

  1. Fill out the downloadable Request a Quote form, and fax it to us at 1•216•431•5037.
  2. Our engineering team will review the completed form and contact you to confirm your applications and specifications.
  3. Buschman will send you a quote.

Want to learn more about how rod profile design affects performance? Contact us at 1•216•431•6633.

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